Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Visiting Binary Systems

Recently on a long trip I found two binary stars quite close to one another, one which was in a system with 5 stars within it.

One of the binaries is in the system Cocassetsa which is within relatively easy reach and only 167ly from Sol.
These are T-Tauri White stars, so don't hang around too long or you will melt :o)

The other one I found was in the Pleiades Sector but can no longer read the text on my screenshot because I reduced it's size(you live and learn), but near Pleiades Sector MI-8 B4-2 which is more clearly seen in the pic.

These pics were taken on a trip to a black hole right inside the Pleiades Nebula with my friend CMDR Noble Eagle. Check out the next post.

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